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While reading eBooks, you may notice something important and want to highlight it, or you may want to add some notes alongside the text. In this case, you can use EpeBook to implement multiple annotation to add sticky notes on any pages, highlight the text, and save bookmark to eBook for free. When you've finished reading and editing, click the save button to save your changes and download the encrypted file (in ‘soclib’ format) and make it non-readable in other application. To read this file again, the user must upload the soclib file to EpeBook.

Annotate PDF Online

How It Works?


Upload your PDF or
EPUB file to EpeBook

Select your PDF or EPUB file on to clicking on Select PDF file.


Read or Add

Once the PDF or EPUB file added; you can read and add annotations based on your preference.


Save &

Once you are done, save it and if you want to keep a new version of file at EpeBook; download the ‘soclib’ file and upload again.

Annotate Documents Easily with EpeBook

Sticky Notes

You can type any text comment or add notes directly on a pdf document.

Highlight Tool

Highlight anything you want in your file with different colors.

Save bookmark

With bookmarks, you can save your favourite pages and revisit it again easily.

Search Text

EpeBook allows you to go anywhere in the document by searching the specific term.

Go Fullscreen

Click on the Go Fullscreen and it can allow you to maximize the space for a PDF or EPUB.

Swipe Pages

You can swipe easily while reading the PDF or EPUB file and go the next page. It will load quickly.


Why Choose EpeBook?

  • No installation required.
  • Free Online eBook Reader and Annotation Tool
  • Numerous Features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Save and Secure PDFs and EPUBs.


What is EpeBook?

EpeBook is an online eBook reader and annotation tool that allows you to read and annotate PDF & EPUB documents online.

Do I need to install EpeBook to annotate PDFs?


Is EpeBook free to use?

Yes, EpeBook is free to add annotations in the PDF or EPUB.

How many PDF documents can I annotate?

EpeBook allows users to add and annotate unlimited PDF documents.

How can I get started to use EpeBook?

All you need to do is; create a new account and login at the EpeBook; all set to read and annotate PDF or EPUB.

Is there any document size limit in EpeBook?


What kind of documents can I read with EpeBook?

Through this application, users can read, access and add annotation in PDF and EPUB documents.

Can I use EpeBook offline?



Annotations Made Easy.

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